Shenington 24 hour Endurance

Circuit - Shenington

A fast, flowing track with a good surface and great facilities. Although in most places the runoff is smooth you may need to get over a sizeable concrete kerb to get there..

Record distance: A longer, faster track was used in 2013 for the first time, as 40 cars took the start. BAR won with just four drivers and averaged 19.7mph over the event – the fastest 24-hour race on record.

If we have less than 40 cars we will be using the Short Track.

This track was last used in 2018 and cuts out the long “bottom loop” including Hangar Corner and the following complex giving a length of 595m

For those who are interested in such things, the record distance on this track is 1249 laps set by Wing Racers in 2018 (when 31 cars took the start!).

NB Following ratification at AGM, Solo entries are not accepted at any 24 Hour Race and Solo points are not awarded

Race Timetable Sat 29/Sun 30 June 2019

08:00 Circuit Gates open

Shenington has a totally different feel to other races. Its almost a festival with camping available from Friday evening, on site cafe and racing through teh night.

An Experience not to be missed.





09:00 Booking in and Scrutinering
(If possible we will start this earlier)
10:30 Pit lane closed. Drivers Briefing
10:45 – 11:30 Practice session 3
11:45 Form up grid
12:00 Sat – Race Start
23:00 Circuit Gates Locked
 24:00 PC3 & PC4 cars stop
 06:00 PC3 & PC4 cars restart 
 07:00 Circuit Gates Unlocked
12:00 Sun – Race End
12:30 Sun – Presentations
14:00 Sun – All teams off site
The race is run on a simple 1st over the line wins. Championship points are awarded as :-
1st:50 points, 2nd:40 points, 3rd:32 points, 4th 26 points, 5th:22 points, 6th:20 points, 7th:18 points, 8th:16 points, 9th:14 points, 10th:12 points, 11th:10 points, 12th:8 points, 13th:6 points, 14th:4 points, 15th and below 2 points.



Shenington Race Facts


Winners 2018

Name: Joint BPCC Comittee   Entry Closes: 1 May 2019   PC1 Car 7 Wing Racers
Email:   Race Date: 29 / 30 June 2019   PC2 Car 5 Swebbelli Racing
 shenington2   First Race: 2006   PC3 Car 49 The square of 7
  Circuit Length: 595/1012m   PC4
  Incline: Low   PCD Car 9 Royce
  Lap Record: 0:58.6 – Royce TOO (2016)   PCF Car 9 Royce

Bpccform 2019 R3
Bpccform 2019 R3
Updated: 28/03/2019
Bpccform 2019 R3
Bpccform 2019 R3
Updated: 28/03/2019
Teamsheet 2019 V4
Teamsheet 2019 V4
Updated: 26/03/2019
Teamsheet 2019 V4
Teamsheet 2019 V4
Updated: 26/03/2019

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