Three opportunities. Two venues. Two cars?

Wing leading
So the BPCC edges closer to the final hour of racing in 2015. Perhaps 19 hours yet before the flag falls in front of the champions. Racing has turned and twisted over the course of the previous four rounds. Battles have formed and fallen, trains have swept along and racing lines have been honed to the perfect centimetre. What now for those heading to a kart track near Camberley and a sprint course near Lichfield.
To recap: Round One on a cold and wet day in March ended with Apollo #1 in P1, followed by Apollo #4 and Norton Greyhounds #59. For Round Two Wing #2 returned to win with Apollo #4 and Apollo #1 following. Round Three over the 24 hours of Shenington ended with a slight grasp of the Championship for Wing #2, as debutants BHPC #64 split the other contenders Apollo #1. Round Four came and went with the battle for the top spot intensifying as Apollo #1 led Wing #2 and Apollo #4.
Snippet BlackbusheSnippett Curborough
Championship points give another perspective on the hard fought pedalling:
Wing #2 lead on 105 points having taken those two wins and a runner up spot.
Apollo #1 are chasing with 98 points with their two wins and two 3rd places.
Apollo #4 with 76 points and Doughty Racing #22 with 55 points observe from close by.
As ever the lap count will keep track of the action. Keep an eye on the live timings page for a glimpse into how everyone across all classes are performing. 
Mobile Connection is poor at the circuit therefore Saturday Race updates have been posted HERE