Team Bike Bus

Bike bus

Team Name:


Team Bike Bus



2 Ashwood Road, Bourne End, Bedfordshire




First Season:



History of the team:


Jamie left WSRT after driving for them since 2010 and formed a new team at TeamMK. The first race in 2013 at Wombwell had just 3 drivers. Race after race interest has grown and by round 3 they had 6 drivers and eventually winning PC3. In 2014 the team has been renamed after securing a new sponsorship deal and going on to win PC3 and PC2. This was a tough season as we were pushed to the limits by the Flying Penguins. 

2013 Drivers: – Evan, Jamie, Lewis, Louis, Oliver, Riley

2014 Drivers: – Evan, Jamie, Lewis, Louis, Nick, Oliver, Riley

2015 Drivers: – to be added after each race


Aspirations for this season:


To defend their PC2 title, to come a mid table PC1 team and not have the pit tent at Bruntingthorpe destroyed by the high winds. 




GEP – International: Bike Bus Café and Bike Shop