Norton Greyhounds

Team     Norton Greyhounds

 Base       Stourbridge, West Midlands

 Class      PC1

 First Season    circa 1985


 Norton Greyhounds were originally made up from members of the Norton 15th Stourbridge scout troop racing in both scout car and the pre championship BFPCR  events.

First came The ‘Eliminator ‘ and then The ‘Afterburner‘, both cars named after rock band ZZ Tops albums from the same era. The cars were both designed and built by team manager Dave Depper . Both cars are Reynolds 531 space frame chassis with two wheel drive and right hand lever steering.

In the late ‘80s Norton Greyhounds were the team to beat winning the championship races four years running from 1987 to 1990 and many other race wins besides.

The ‘Afterburner’ went through  a total rebuild  during the 2012/13 winter mainly to accommodate the new narrower 20’’  wheels to try and make it more competitive  by new team manager Gary Oakley.

The start of a new era began for Norton Greyhounds racing in the first round, of the 2013 championship, lining up against its old stable mate The ’Eliminator’ now in the hands of Team 105. Only three races entered but a very credible 10th place championship finish.

Aspirations    To remain competitive


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 2015 Intentions
“We see a much more streamlined car for 2015, a new aero body consisting of Dacron aircraft fabric stretched over a wooden frame and intend to get aero wheels later. It has added a little weight but now feels like riding in a permanent slip stream, which can only be a good thing.”afterburner
“I don’t think any of us expected such a great start with a third place trophy in round one with a team of three and seventh in round two with an unofficial duo. So things are looking good for Norton Greyhounds, we hope to do most races this year and look forward to racing you all and you never know what can happen.”
29/04/15 Gary Oakley