Shrewsbury R1 Results

What a cracking opener for the championship this was.

Having never been to Shrewsbury before we didn’t know what to expect, but apart from the slight incline it seems a very good track with a couple of challenging corners and a hairpin, some fast flowing bends and long straights.
And a bonus of changing/showers/cafe on site.

Whilst it was grey and slightly damp at first with a slightly chilly wind by lunchtime the sun was trying to make and appearance and by mid afternoon it was quite pleasant watching the on track action.

And the on track action……….

Race 1


It seems that winter hadn’t cooled the rivalry between Wing Racers (car 1) and Apollo Racing (car 2) and both teams were raring to go and ready to provide some very close racing.

From the off it was apparent that both teams were evenly matched with the lead being hotly contested and both lead cars often separated by a few seconds or less.


In the end race 1 was claimed by Wing by a few seconds Race 1 Result

Further down the field there were very close battles between Flying Penguins, Apollo car 11, Royce too and Swebbelli car 6 with all pushing hard and providing close racing.


Race 2
Race 2 was run in reverse direction with a collective groan as the start was up the hill.

Apollo car 2 managed to take the lead around lap 15 through some hard pushing




and managed to eventually pull out a slender lead of 22s over Wing racers to take race 2 inspite of some spirited driving by Wing with the margin often being under 1 second.

Race 2 Result

Race 3

So with one win each, race 3 would be the decider and we were back to starting down the hill. From the start Apollo took a narrow lead from Wing and thats how it stayed for most of the race. Behind them there were close battles between pairs of cars including Swebelli 6 and Flying Penguins, Norton Greyhounds and Apollo 11 until Barney managed to roll the Apollo 11 car at the bottom hairpin but fortunately he was ok and the car only suffered a few scuffs.


Meanwhile Royce too running as PCD were trying to catch Swebelli 8 but it was not to be and they finished 1 lap down.

Up front with about 20 minutes (14 laps or so) to go Apollo put on a spurt and managed to pull out a lead of 6 seconds over Wing subsequently increasing that by a few seconds each lap to finally take the win by 39 seconds.


Race 3

So that gave Apollo 2 wins to Wings 1 and the overall round 1 victory.


Race 3 Result

Round 1 Shrewsbury Result

1 Car 2 Apollo Racing
2 Car 1 Wing Racers
3 Car 3 Apollo Racing
4 Car 12 Norton Greyhounds
5 Car 5 Flying Penguins
6 Car 11 Apollo Racing
7 Car 6 Swebbelli Racing
8 Car 19 Royce Too
9 Car 8 Swebbelli Racing
10 Car 24 Notnray Network
10 Car 16 Royce (Steph)
12 Car 32 Flying Penguins

1 Car 8 Swebbelli Racing
2 Car 32 Flying Penguins

1 Car 12 Norton Greyhounds
2 Car 19 Royce Too
3 Car 16 Royce (Steph)
4 Car 24 Notnray Network

1 Car 16 Royce (Steph)

1 Car 16 Royce (Steph)

Many thanks to Bob as Race Control, Chris & Mark as organisers, Phil for lapcounting and Shrewsbury Sports village for use of their track.