Shenington update

Dear Competitors,


A few updates:


1 – Scrutineering for Friday Night Practice:


Before practice on Friday night, cars must pass a safety check.

These will be carried out at race control starting from 1930 onwards.

Please note: This does not exclude your car from scrutineering on Saturday morning.


2 – Team sheets:


Team sheets must be fully completed and handed in at scrutineering on Saturday morning.

This includes: Dates of birth for all competitors under the age of 18 ; Tag Number ; TEAM MANAGER’S SIGNATURE


3 – Entry List Update:


The entry list is now:


1        Apollo Racing
2        Apollo Racing
3        Odd Balls
4        Royce
7        Wing Racers
9         Royce     (PCF)    (PCD)   
10        Royce
11        Team 105
12        Team JMC
18        Falcon Notnray
22        Amblecote    (PCD)
24        Falcon Notnray    (PCF)
25        Team 105
34        Whacky Racers    (PCD)
37        Redditch District Explorers
53        Dora Explorers    (PCD)
57        SHU HPV

5         Swebbelli Racing
14         Swebbelli Racing
16         Team 105
32        Falcon Notnray
35        Whacky Racers
38        Redditch District Explorers
41        New Castlegrove Explorers
42        New Castlegrove Explorers
52        Dora Explorers
54        Dora Explorers

29        7th Eagles
43        Thunder & Lightning
44        Team 105
49        Wootton Scouts
55        Thunder & Lightning
56        Grimsbury Scouts


We will attempt to accomodate any other changes but please note that information for the circuit has now been printed.


4 – Hydration:


This could be a warm weekend.

Please make sure your team members stay hydrated and don’t get burned.

Remember, 20 minutes in a pedal car is plenty of time to burn – get that factor 50 on!



May I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best of luck for this year’s race.


All the best,