Shenington Preview

With just over 4 days to go before this











is transformed by a team of “willing” helpers











Into This










and in the famous words of Mr Murray Walker the Shenington 24Hr “will be Go! Go! Go!”

So who’s got the stamina to beat Steph and her “Partner” in PCD?

Will Apollo take Wing and beat a Flying Penguin

Will Victorious Vikings triumph? and Titanic hit an iceberg?

Can Royce Oddballs beat that other team that play with Oddballs (…….Swebbelli…….)

Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Matrix is. You’ll have to see it for yourself

…and instead of the two in/out camps should we have voted for “the peoples republic of grimsbury” to win PC4?

Some say that his first name really is “The” and that he is terrified of Scouts.

So who will win, who will have “technical issues”, will it rain, will it shine, who will laugh, who will cry.

Not long to find out…………………….