Shenington 24 hour update – Short Circuit

Shenington 24 hour update – Short Circuit!

The decision has been made to use the shorter configuration of the circuit for this year’s Shenington 24 hour race.

This track was last used in 2012 and cuts out the long “bottom loop” including Hangar Corner and the following complex giving a length of 595m.

2008 race_06_0For those who are interested in such things, the record distance on this track is 1198 laps set by
Bristol Racing in 2008 (when only 14 cars took the start!).

34 cars will be busy, but less so than 22 cars were at Bruntingthorpe, and working your way through traffic is generally accepted as all part and parcel of racing at the front in BPCC events.

We will have some previews, of what could be a fascinating race, on the way during the next few weeks.



Jes Featherstone
Race Organiser