Curborough 7 hour Endurance

2020 Round 6 – Curborough 7 Hour Endurance Saturday 3nd October 2020
Curborough 7

An old favourite: Curborough has been used for the season closer every year since 1998. It is now a much loved and established venue, hosting a day-night event and the season ending barbeque..

Curborough demands a different technique from many other pedal car circuits, as there really is only one perfect line, despite the apparent width of the track – if you pick a bad line your rivals will be off into the distance before you’re half way through the turn.

The race is run on a simple 1st over the line wins. Championship points are awarded as :-
1st:25 points, 2nd:20 points, 3rd:16 points, 4th 13 points, 5th:11 points, 6th:10 points, 7th:9 points, 8th:8 points, 9th:7 points, 10th:6 points, 11th:5 points, 12th:4 points, 13th:3 points, 14th:2 points, 15th and below 1 point.

Race Timetable – Saturday 3rd October 2020
09:30 Circuit Gates Open
10:30 Booking in and Scrutineering
(If possible we will start this earlier)
11:15 Motor Vehicles off circuit.
Drivers Briefing (New rule briefing before practice)
11:30 Circuit open for practice
12:45 Practice ends, form up Grid
13:00 Race Starts
20:00 Race Ends
21:15 End of season BBQ (TBC) and optional camping
SunTBC 08:00 Breakfast cafe
Sun Dependant on track usage – All teams off site

Race Organiser


Entry Closes

6th September 2020

You can either enter online or fill out an entry form (pdf or word) and post it to us (address is on entry form) just select one of the 3 options below

Further information

Curborough 7

Motor vehicles are allowed onto the main kart circuit for unloading / loading only, subject to the usual walking pace speed restriction as at all races. If leaving them on the infield please park at least 5M back from the edge.

You must ensure you DO NOT DRAG anything across the tarmac – please ensure trailer legs are retracted and secured, nothing is hanging down and dragging from your car or van, you don’t drag heavy toolboxes around, etc.

First used in 1998, Curborough is one of the finest venues currently on the BPCC calendar, due to its perfect surface, gentle gradient and mixture of sweeping curves and straights. Teams who do not attend this event miss out on one of the most enjoyable circuits of the year. In 2011, Curborough became a 7 hour day/ night race, giving an experience of night racing without the demands of a 24-hour race. Following the race there is the opportunity of a post-season BBQ (provided, at a cost) and social gathering on site; post-race overnight camping is available. Toilets are provided on-site but that is about all, so bring all your own food, & cooking gear. We expect up to 1 hour of darkness at the end of racing. There will be some flood lights opposite the pit lane and at the lap counting but the rest of the track will be essentially unlit. Teams are responsible for providing their own lighting in their own pits. This can be battery, gas, or generator powered.

After the presentations there will be time for a chat and a get together. Depending on demand there may be a BBQ and possible breakfast cafe for those camping over TBC.

Generators in the pits are permitted provided you also supply suitable fire fighting equipment. There is no official noise restriction but please respect the fact others may be camping, so it is only polite to keep noise to a minimum, especially in the early morning.

The car park is publicly accessible from the adjoining footpath so please ensure your vehicles are locked and don’t leave any valuables on display, just as you would in any public car park.

Circuit: location & information
The race circuit is at the Curborough Sprint Course, home of Shenstone & District Car Club

The  address is:
Curborough Sprint Course
Netherstowe Ln, Lichfield WS13 8EJ

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