Shenington 24 hour Endurance

2020 Round 3 – Shenington 24 Hour 26-28 June 2020

Shenington is a fast, flowing track with a good surface and great facilities. Although in most places the runoff is smooth you may need to get over a sizeable concrete kerb to get there..

Record distance: A longer, faster track was used in 2013 for the first time, as 40 cars took the start. BAR won with just four drivers and averaged 19.7mph over the event – the fastest 24-hour race on record.

If we have less than 40 cars we will be using the Short Track.

This track was last used in 2018 and cuts out the long “bottom loop” including Hangar Corner and the following complex giving a length of 595m

For those who are interested in such things, the record distance on this track is 1249 laps set by Wing Racers in 2018 (when 31 cars took the start!).

NB Following ratification at AGM, Solo entries are not accepted at any 24 Hour Race and Solo points are not awarded

Shenington has a totally different feel to other races. Its almost a festival with camping available from Friday evening, on site cafe and racing through the night.
An Experience not to be missed.

Junior Teams PC3/PC4 do not race between midnight and 6am but that still gives them 18 hours of racing and they will experience racing at dusk into night and the early morning action. Overnight with cooler running and less cars on track speeds increase and the race can be won or lost by making up time on rivals or losing due to incidents or mechanical failure.

The race is run on a simple 1st over the line wins. Championship points are awarded as :-
1st:50 points, 2nd:40 points, 3rd:32 points, 4th 26 points, 5th:22 points, 6th:20 points, 7th:18 points, 8th:16 points, 9th:14 points, 10th:12 points, 11th:10 points, 12th:8 points, 13th:6 points, 14th:4 points, 15th and below 2 points.

Race Timetable – Friday 26th June 2020
17:00Campsite Opens
18:00Circuit & Pit Lane Open for unloading/setting up
19:45Pit Lane closed for unloading. Scrutineering for Practice
20:00 – 21:00Drivers Briefing & Circuit Open for Practice Session One
21:00 – 22:00Circuit & Pit Lane Open for unloading/setting up
22:15 – 23:15 Drivers Briefing & Circuit Open for Practice Session Two
23:15Circuit closed for practice.
Circuit gates closed & locked except for emergency access.
Race Timetable – Saturday 27th June 2020
08:00 Circuit Gates Unlocked Pit Lane Open for unloading/setting up
09:00 Booking in and Scrutineering
(If possible we will start this earlier)
10:30Pit Lane Closed. Motor Vehicles off circuit.
Drivers Briefing (New rule briefing before practice)
10:45 Circuit open for Practice Session Three
(Cars may practice once passed official scrutineering)
11:30Circuit closed for practice
11:45Cars form on grid in championship order
12:00 Race begins – rolling start in championship order with 1 slow lap (no overtaking)
23:00 Circuit gates closed & locked except for emergency access
24:00PC3 & PC4 stop for the night
Race Timetable – Sunday 28th June 2020
06:00PC4 & PC4 cars restart
07:00 Circuit Gates Unlocked
12:00 Race Ends
12:30 Presentations
14:00All Teams clear of site
14:30 Circuit closes – All off site

It takes a lot to set up and tear down/clear up the circuit. Offers of help however small will be much appreciated.

Race Organiser


Entry Closes

1st May 2020

You can either enter online or fill out an entry form (pdf or word) and post it to us (address is on entry form) just select one of the 3 options below

Further information

Shenington 24

A new venue from 2006, Shenington is a rather fine kart track just a few miles from Banbury.

The track is a fast, flowing track with a good surface and great facilities, including toilets, showers, a water standpipe, overnight camping and even a modest grandstand.

It also sprouts a cafe – open from early Saturday morning, right through the race and up until the trophy presentation on Sunday afternoon.

24 hours is a very long time to be wearing wet clothes: Regardless of any forecast you may see prior to the race, it would be a huge leap of faith to even consider coming here without every piece of racing clothing you possess and a full set of clothes to travel home in, securely sealed into a waterproof container of some description…

Camping is available from pretty much any time on Friday night if required – the track will also be open for testing.

There is an active gliding club adjacent to the track so the high banking between track and airfield is out of bounds for the whole weekend. Please ensure all team members are aware.

Due to noise restrictions at the circuit, no generators or other similarly-noisy equipment is permitted at this event. This is to maintain ‘good neighbour’ relations with the local residents
This is also a “dry” race with no alcohol or other substances allowed. Any person found flouting this rule will be asked to leave and the team disqualified from this and all other events.

Visit for more info.

Circuit: location & information
The race circuit is at the Shenington Kart Club

The  address is:
Shenington Kart Club
Shenington Airfield,
OX15 6NW

NB Please do not travel through Shenington Village it is out of bounds to all traffic

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