R3 Shenington 24Hr Preview

Shenington 24 Hour Preview

The 2015 Shenington 24 hour race has brought together what is probably the highest quality field assembled in what we fondly call the “Modern Era” (post the 1997 crisis anyway!) with BPCC regulars being joined by the usual mix of 24 hour special entries – which this year throw up some very interesting possibilities.

So, starting with the championship contenders…



Apollo come into this one with the two cars within 1 point of each other and just 4 ahead of Wing Racers.They will be hoping for a clean run where they can grind out the laps as they had at Wombwell (and Shenington last year) rather than Interesting Times as they had at Bruntingthorpe (and Shenington 2013!).wing

Wing Racer’s year has been the opposite of Apollo’s so far and Bruntingthorpe was a brilliant antidote to their anticlimatic start to the season at Wombwell so we are all greatly anticipating what last year’s runners up can do this time.

doughtyThese two teams have been class of the field so far – particularly with Norton Greyhounds not contesting this one – but Doughty Racing are closing the gap fast and the 2015 version of the car is a big step forwards.




What we are developing in the BPCC at present though is a very strong mid-field.simonstrong

Another team closing the gap are Simonstrong – Media Velo who have made possibly the biggest leap forwards between the 2014 and 2015 machinery.


car 7 flying penguinsStepping up from PC2 are Flying Penguins.

They had a good run at Wombwell but suffered a major chassis failure during Bruntingthorpe. If they have a good day, they could be challenging the top half dozen come midday Sunday.




We could probably covswebelli2er Swebbelli Racingand Team 105 in the same breath. Both are scout teams taking on this “open” competition and both are therefore entirely dependant on the demographics of their groups to decide how team105competitive they will be. Both, however, are well run teams with well prepared cars and will be looking to move up the order as others falter.

The Falcon / Notnray Collective are the same but even more so. Massively committed to the sport as a whole – and this race in particular – this hard trying team deserve every success but will be happy if they can get a car in the top 15 come the end of the race.

Titanic are from Middlesborough are still are furthest travelling team and they, along with regular championship runners Colonel Mustard and Shenington-only Redditch Explorers  are the kind of teams which are the backbone of this event

IMG_0191 IMG_0276 IMG_0120

 Unlikely to be on the pace of the front runners but, although they don’t win, they never quit!

Last but not least in the regular runners we have the three PCD teams from Notnray, AAC Racing and Royce.

notnray car56 aac royce steph

Not hard to pick a favourite here if we are honest, Steph and her team are rarely beaten and it would be a major surprise if the #12 car did not win this by a margin.

Completing PC1, we have 3 teams who are new to the event but could all show extremely well at the pointy end of things.


Firstly, Le Stone (bar racing incidents that can affect anyone at Shenington) will be looking to cart away some silverware.

Then we have JMC Racing. Jason Mile’s eponymous squad who have won 24 hour mjmcountain bike races in the recent past and recently broke the 24Hr tandem record as seen on TV. They are only in a rented Apollo to the same specification as Apollo Racing machines but there should be no problem with the legs and stamina.


Finally, we are pleased to welcome a team from the British Human Power Club, and this is where the story really starts.

A team of top HPV riders will be making the long Quattro-racingawaited debut of theKingsbury Quattro – a car far in advance in terms of technology of anything else racing currently that if this team doesn’t win, and win well, it will be the biggest upset since Radioactive clinched the 2007 BPCC title from under the noses of Bristol Racing.

However, 24 hours is a long time, there are 34 other cars on track, anything can happen and quite possibly it will.




Jes (Race Organiser)