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Here is a list of useful documents to assist in building your pedalcar

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Icon of Guidance Guidance  Contains 3 Files
Icon of BFPCR Lighting Guide BFPCR_Lighting_Guide.pdf Updated: 19/01/2017
Icon of Getting On The Grid Getting-on-the-Grid.pdf Updated: 19/01/2017
Icon of Tag Positioning Advice Tag-Positioning-Advice.pdf Updated: 19/01/2017
Icon of Construction Construction  Contains 19 Files
Icon of Ackerman Steering Princ ackerman_steering_princ.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Axels axels.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of BuildingStub BuildingStub.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Drive drive.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of DualDrive Ins E 12 02 DualDrive_Ins_E_12_02.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Faxle faxle.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Fibreglass Direct - Fibreglass Instructions GRP KIT[1] Fibreglass20direct20-20Fibreglass20Instructions20GRP20KIT1.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Freewheel freewheel.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Hubflange hubflange.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Jackshaft jackshaft.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Left-hand-drive-freehub left-hand-drive-freehub.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Pedalcar Info Pedalcar-info.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Seat seat.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Steer Instr steer_instr.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Steering steering.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Steering2 steering2.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Steering3 steering3.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of Www Ecfibreglasssupplies Co Uk - T-Laminating Updated: 18/09/2018
Icon of X-FD-Tech X-FD-Tech.pdf Updated: 18/09/2018