Information for Blackbush Spectators

This is relatively new to us, having spectators at a race hence we haven’t really added any information.

There is no charge for spectating

The best place to start is the race information page

This has on it the race timetables and links to each days full information and directions to the site. After you have passed the security gate follow the BPCC blue signs to the kart track and park in the main car park. You can then see most of the track and choose a suitable spot to watch the action. There is a footpath behind a wooden fence along the main straight that being raised provides a good viewing area,

Whilst there are toilets on site there is no drinking water and the cafe is aimed at feeding those overnight so i recommend bring a picnic, although if you ask Rose of Notnray Noshery nicely (in the small gazebo next to race control) she should be able to provide a cuppa.

The full race info pack is here with more information.

Next year we promise to be better organised