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Wombwell information

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Wombwell information

Post by WasifMukti » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:41 am

Event information

Motor vehicles are allowed onto the main kart circuit for unloading / loading only, subject to the
usual walking pace speed restriction as at all races.

You must ensure you DO NOT DRAG anything across the tarmac – please ensure trailer legs are retracted and secured, nothing is hanging down and dragging from your car or van, you don’t
drag heavy toolboxes around, etc.

You MUST NOT stray onto the model car circuit (the twisty sections on the infield) as this does not have foundations capable of supporting the weight of a road vehicle (including trailers).

On all counts, South Yorkshire Kart Club have very kindly permitted us to use their very nice and VERY EXPENSIVE tarmac and we must not damage it.

Generators in the pits are permitted provided you also supply suitable fire fighting equipment.
There is no official noise restriction but please respect the fact this race is in a residential area on a Sunday, so it is only polite to keep noise to a minimum, especially in the early morning.

The car park is publicly accessible from the adjoining footpath so please ensure your vehicles are locked and don’t leave any valuables on display, just as you would in any public car park.

Circuit: location & information
The race circuit is at the Wombwell Recreation Ground, home of South Yorkshire Kart Club

The address is:
Athletic Stadium
Station Road
Near Barnsley
South Yorkshire
S73 0BJ

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