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Website and Forum ideas required asap

For comments on the website and forum and suggestions for future developments
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Website and Forum ideas required asap

Post by dralphs » Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:48 am

Morning all

We have a short space of time now between the season end and early December to revamp the website and forum before we need it fully open again ready for the new season. Ideally i would do most of this between xmas & new year but going on previous years it seems people want the shop open for business earlier than that.

This of course assumes that i am still in charge of the website after the AGM since if we get a flood of volunteers to take this task on i will happily hand it on. :o

I have a few ideas but it would be much better for them to come from you our users so post them below for consideration. Nothing is off topic but we do have to be aware of what we can achieve given our budget, capabilities and time.

Please post your ideas below but please identify which area of the site that they concern eg forum

My thoughts are

Prune or delete unused sub-forums
Try to automate theme integration with wordpress

Refresh theme and get a mobile friendly version
Remove the 2nd line navigation and simplify what we have left
Introduce a blog area where race control, chairman, event organizers can post news etc
Finally nail down the gallery

Streamline shop process and get it better integrated and themed to site
If possible integrate shop & race entry into a single transaction
Better output from shop to Race/event organizers to assist them in drawing up entry list. Automate it if possible
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