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Team communication

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Team communication

Post by Jes@GCRE » Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:39 am

So, I sent an e-mail out to the following teams who raced previously but not in 2015:

Rugby Velo
Winchcombe Wheelers
Dringy (Steve Popple anyway!)
Colonel Mustard

And I recelived replies from:
Phoenix (Kevin Welbourne)
Winchcombe Wheelers (John Harkness)
Calow (Glyn Jones)
BAR (Rob Fulford)

Here are the responses. I have done a touch of editing just to remove any information I think is a bit on the personal / family side:

My e-mail to teams:


Just trying to catch up with teams at the end of the season and I notice that we "lost" you this year!

Just out of interest, could you give me a little guidance as to whether this was to do with the race, the sport as a whole or purely circumstances?

I hope you don't mind me asking but unless I do, we could be putting people off and not realising how!

Thanks, and all the best,

Jes Featherstone
Competition Secretary
British Federation of Pedal Car Racing



Phoenix Fliers:


It was a combination of issues:-
We "lost" one of our Leaders who used to do a lot of the organising
We "lost" some of our more competitive and athletic explorers to University and work. Those remaining were less enthusiastic.
We "lost" the explorer whose father lent us his van to transport the cars (for free)
The District Unit who had a minibus gave it up meaning we would need to hire one commercially (much more expensive)

So as you can see nothing went right for us!!

It was nothing to do with you or your organisation which was always excellent.




Winchcombe Wheelers:
We really enjoyed participating and we much appreciated the help you gave us so it was not in anyway due to that.
The primary reason was that I couldn’t take part due to another commitment and no one else was prepared to organise it. It was a bit of a struggle to get a team as I guess it was not seen as compelling by enough people, but those that did it really enjoyed it. Realistically it will depend on me to get it organised and I have a lot of things I want to do. It is the same old story that there are only a few people prepared to get things done.
We have a plan to build our own car and if I get this going then we will enter, but otherwise probably not.
Best wishes


Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for getting in touch.

We took cubs and scouts to the nationals in Blackpool this year and were intending on entering the race at Curborough.
Unfortunately [personal] so we had to cancel our holiday and the only other time we could make it was Curborough weekend.
Also, as I am DC it is increasingly difficult time wise. I still help out when i can at my old group as my son is now scout leader. Both he and the assistant work shifts so weekends can be a problem but i am happy to continue with the scout car team as time allows.
I currently have [personal].
It has not been a very good year for my family!
Please keep in touch and send me any information regarding the races.
We will try to make Curborough next year as it is a race we all enjoy.

Take care



Hi Jes,
How are things?
I think the BAR situation is that it all hinges on whether Neil can put something together in terms of a car. I think as a group we’re all keen to race and as you know, I manage to bag the occasional drive somewhere!
I’d say for us it is purely circumstance :/


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Re: Team communication

Post by dralphs » Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:58 am

Thanks Jes, thats quite helpful.

Not included in that list were 35th Oxford, but i know the reason they didn't race as Shenington is very similar to the above, with the biggest two reasons being
Their leader setting up a new business which needed a lot of time
Both their leaders being involved in a District Explorers international camp which whilst not clashing with Shenington did take up a lot of time.

They hope to be back in 2016
Falcon Notnray Racing

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