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winscp upload script

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winscp upload script

Post by dralphs » Wed Dec 30, 2015 6:25 pm

FTP upload to BPCCLiveTiming folder needs a command line ftp client that can upload in passive mode
Windows inbuilt client can only use active mode which won't work

An alternative is Winscp from https://winscp.net/eng/download.php

Use the portable version and put it in a folder at c:\lapcount\winscp575

create a script winscp.txt (below) and save it in c:\lapcount

Code: Select all

option batch off
option confirm off
open ftp://<username>@pedalcarracing.info:<password>@ftp.pedalcarracing.info -passive=on
rm racedataset.xml
put -transfer=automatic -neweronly C:\lapcount\racedataset.xml racedataset.xml
rm racedatasetcopy.xml
put -transfer=automatic -neweronly C:\lapcount\racedataset.xml racedatasetcopy.xml
FTP details will need to be entered

Winscp is run by calling it using command
c:\lapcount\winscp575\winscp.com /script=c:\lapcount\winscp.txt
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