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BPCC 2017 R1 Wombwell

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BPCC 2017 R1 Wombwell

Post by forum_admin » Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:32 pm

BPCC 2017 R1 Wombwell


Sunday, March 26th - Wombwell (3 * 2 hours):
Racing returns to the popular Wombwell Circuit near Barnsley.
A tight technical section compliments two long straights so both aspects of car design are tested and it also challenges the skill of the driver as well as their leg power.

Entry Closes: 1 March 2017


There are several options near to Wombwell, a few are

Travelodge Barnsley

https://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/107 ... rce=google

Premier Inn Barnsley

http://www.premierinn.com/gb/en/hotels/ ... LBC_BARBRE

Hesley wood Scout campsite


Scout Huts (may be available to hire for weekend)






Full Season

#6 Royce Odd Balls PC1 (via cheque to Treasurer)
#3 Royce Too PC1 (online entry 146)
#9 Royce (Steph) PC1 PCF PC0 (PCD at Shenington) (online entry 146)
#2 Apollo Racing PC1 (online entry 149)
#4 Apollo Racing PC1 (online entry 149)


#41 Amblecote Pedal Car Racing PC1 (online entry 148)
#15 Apollo Racing PC1 (online entry 149)
#5 Swebbelli Racing PC2 (postal entry)
#7 Swebbelli Racing PC2 (postal entry)
#11 Swebbelli Racing PC1 (postal entry)
#14 Falcon Notnray Racing PC1 PCD (online entry 150)
#43 Crude (Online entry 151)
#44 Royce Odd Balls 2 PC1 PCD (online entry 152)
#28 Delphi PC1 (online entry 154)
#17 Team105 PC2 - Cheque
#18 Team105 PC1 - Cheque
#31 Team105 PC1 - Cheque

Total 17

#39 Cromwell Racing (Bob) PC1 PCZ (Withdrawn)

Correct as of 01-Mar-17

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Re: BPCC 2017 R1 Wombwell

Post by AlanGoodman » Thu Feb 23, 2017 6:26 pm

Please note that #39 Cromwell Racing (Bob) has withdrawn... :(