Curborough Report by Alice Hamilton age 7

Here we have a great race report from Alice Hamilton age 7. Many thanks Alice its far better than what i manage to write.


Curborough second race report


















At the moment every body is getting ready to start the race. this time it’s a pedalcar race. it’s a bit windy but no rain I helped with
Jobs like washing up. numbers like 1 2 3 4 I shouted it to Apollo. My favorite pedalcar was the one with the yellow strip I did the
washing part by part for About 1 half hours bcuse there was a lot to wash up and I love washing up. it got dark at the end and
everyone had lights on the pedalcars they were on at the end. We camped and everyone got burgers for tea and we got black
pudding sandwiches Sunday. On Sunday real cars were going top speed round the track. Jamesy stubd his toe so bad he couldnt
put his shoe on so he couldnt race but dady could race and Jess and ben and we have a cat called ben. I sat in a pedalcar I enjoyed

Alice Hamilton, I’m 7