Curborough Race Info

The race information for Saturday’s Curborough 7 hour pedal car race can be downloaded by clicking the Race Info pack Icon or click here .

Just to draw your attention to 2 areas:

Firstly, can teams assigned to put away things at the end of the race please do so?

Secondly, we do need to be off the racing surface by the time everyone goes to bed on Saturday night because the Aston Martin Owners Club has the track on the Sunday.
This means outside the wooden fence.
We can, however, still camp as normal and the advantage is that the cafe should be open on Sunday morning so you won’t need to worry about making your own breakfasts!

If there are any questions – and especially if your team is misrepresented on the entry list – please let me know!

Finally you still have time to place your orders for the BBQ – full details here

Jes Featherstone