Curborough Report by Alice Hamilton age 8

Here we have a great race report from Alice Hamilton age 8. Many thanks Alice its far better than what i manage to write.


Race report in Curborough 2018













First before the race started I got to do whatever I like whey everobody who wasant Me
set everything up. it took abot 2 howers the tents got put up the cooking area and much
We camped double nights in the car. We had a bbQ With burgers. it rained and in the
morning there was frost on the ground and it was cold.
When the race started I thoght there was around 20 pedal cars. My daddy’s Team car 2
didn’t win any trophies. I had a visit to Wing for a bit.
Ben got a reflection sheet off me because he was naughty at another different race. Are
cat Has the Same name as ben but cat ben isint Alive he died close to the 17th Desember
At the Race in the field next to the track had a Windmill. From the toilets You could
hear The Windmill spin round.
On Friday night We Walked round the track two times
Before the race finished I fell Asleep in the tent and Woke up cold With chattry teeth. I
got a dream about a fight over chattery teeth.
The next day There Was car race and one of the cars looked like our silver car. The race
was real.
The café opened at lunchtime they didn’t have black pudding sandwiches instead I had a
Sausage sandwich
by Alice Hamilton 8yrs






Curborough Report by Alice Hamilton age 7

Here we have a great race report from Alice Hamilton age 7. Many thanks Alice its far better than what i manage to write.


Curborough second race report


















At the moment every body is getting ready to start the race. this time it’s a pedalcar race. it’s a bit windy but no rain I helped with
Jobs like washing up. numbers like 1 2 3 4 I shouted it to Apollo. My favorite pedalcar was the one with the yellow strip I did the
washing part by part for About 1 half hours bcuse there was a lot to wash up and I love washing up. it got dark at the end and
everyone had lights on the pedalcars they were on at the end. We camped and everyone got burgers for tea and we got black
pudding sandwiches Sunday. On Sunday real cars were going top speed round the track. Jamesy stubd his toe so bad he couldnt
put his shoe on so he couldnt race but dady could race and Jess and ben and we have a cat called ben. I sat in a pedalcar I enjoyed

Alice Hamilton, I’m 7


Blackbushe interim report and Curborough entries

Well that was an interesting weekend. Technical issues yesterday with lapcounting stopping every time the generator glitches. Then wet weather all though the 100mile causing a few spins and slides when drivers explored the limits of their tyres grip. All in though some very close competive racing and Sundays race was won by only a few seconds.
Due to the rain on Sunday the 100 mile was time limited to 5 1/2 Hours as another 15 minutes would have been needed to reach the 100.
Thanks to everybody who made it happen including Camberly kart club, well trodden path (Kate – sports massage), Rose of notnray noshery, and especial thanks to Hair (scary brook) and Rose for ably running the lapcount inspite of the glitches. 

Photos of the races and presentations are starting to appear on our facebook group and will get added to the gallery here later this week.

Racing now moves to season finale at Curborough in 3 weeks. If you haven’t entered yet get your entries in asap. Online entries are here and forms for postal entries here (but please email Jes to let him know you are coming)

Full information including  BBQ price list is on the Curborough page

Shenington R3 Report & Results

Shenington Round 3 results have been calculated from the timing system and uploaded to the results database

They can be viewed at

The Championship Points tables are at

Team JMC have also produced a very nice writeup of the race which can be viewed at

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