BPCC Number Templates

These are the official number templates to use on your car.

You are free to use your own designs provided they meet the legibility and technical requirements detailed in rule 11 and in rule book

Minimum height of numbers is 180mm and minimum width of stroke of each number 25mm  

All use White numbers on a coloured background that denotes the class.

PC1 Black background

PC1A Orange Backgound (Trial class for 2019)

PC2 Red Background

PC3 Green Backgound

PC4 Blue Background

The background/plate can be any shape provided you meet the minimum height/width for the numbers, the example below is just that an example. (PC1, PC2, PC3, PC4, PC1A respectively)

In addition, the following markings are required for PCZ, PCD and PCF teams:

PC0: A black capital Z, 75mm high and wide
on a white square sized 100mm x 100mm

PCD: A black capital D, 75mm high and wide
on a white square sized 100mm x 100mm

PCF: A black capital F, 75mm high and wide
on a white square sized 100mm x 100mm

For any team having a new or “Rookie” driver

A black capital X, 75mm high and wide on a yellow square sized 100mm x 100mm

It is up to the team to ensure that they have the correct number, in the correct colours, and any additional class markings required, on the car for scrutineering and throughout each race.

For example, a PC4 team displaying PC3 number plate colours will be ineligible for PC4 points and positions; likewise a solo driver in a car without PC0 indicators will not score PC0 points.

In addition where available a class sticker similar to these


should be displayed prominently on the rear of the car. (Scrutineer & Race Control should hold stocks)

They must also be on correct coloured background relevant to entered class

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