Blackbushe Report

Theres been a lot of posts on facebook along with 100s of photos so i’ll keep this brief.

We had a good turnout of teams ranging from Team105 from the North, Delphi from the East and Royce from the South West in total 18 both days,, so a good representation and turnout.


Saturday Sprints

The day was grey and overcast with rain forecast for later so first order of the day was getting pit gazebos up in case. Once that was done rest of circuit was set up ready for the off.

Races 1-4 the 45 min sprints.

With only 45 minutes per race racing is fast and furious with the top teams Wing and Apollo being joined by Royce to make it a three way battle for the lead although Wing somehow managed to roll their car at the chicane but after a quick brush down it went on its way.

During Race 2 the lapcounting system crashed twice due to a faulty usb cable so manual counting saved the day. Many Thanks to Alan for stepping up and doing the manual img_8203count and Phil for swift resurrection of the lapcounting system so we only lost (and adjusted) about 8 laps

Then after race 5 (the 3 hour) had started the rain finally arrived and both the drivers and photographers found that the pit bend and chicane a challenge with at least two cars spinning and several cars showing massive understeer or oversteer and a few interesting lines were taken.

After a close battle the top three were only separated by a couple of laps.

Fortunately the rain stopped just in time for the presentations.

Sunday 100mileimg_8260

Fortunately today was dry with weather improving throughout with the afternoon being very pleasant.

Throughout the whole 100miles completed in a little over 5 hours there was sevimg_8484eral very close battles for places. At the top we had a three way battle for the lead/win between Wing, Apollo and Royce Too with them often being less than a lap apart. Further down we had the 3 Swebbelli teams battling over 6, 7th and 8th and 3 Falcon Notnray cars vying for 11th, 12th and 13th.



Mimg_8444echanical issues with Royce Odd Balls (sheared steering), Royce Spider (Rose Joint) and Delphi (Hub Axle) probably meant they were lower placed than expected and temporarily took them out of contention. All 3 were repaired though and rejoined the race.

Blackbushe Unofficial Results
14 Day rule applies before these become final

Saturday Sprints – see forum post for laps

1st #16 Royce – Steph Mills

1st #16 Royce – Steph Mills
2nd #61 Silly Army Ladies
3rd #27 Falcon Notnray/Yarnon Scouts

1st #18 Team 105
2nd #16 Royce – Steph Mills
3rd #61 Silly Army Ladies

PC3 & PC4 no teams

1st #8 Swebbelli Racing
2nd #21 Swebbelli Racing
3rd #18 Team 105

1st #1 Wing Racers
2nd #2 Apollo Racing
3rd #19 Royce Too

Sunday 100 Miles – see forum post for laps etc

PC0 None

1st #16 Royce
2nd #54 Falcon Notnray/Yarnon Scouts

1st #16 Royce
2nd #24 Falcon Notnray

1st #39 Victorious Vikings

1st #41 Peoples republic of Grimsbury
2nd #34 Yarnton Scouts

1st #21 Swebbelli Racing
2nd #8 Swebbelli Racing

1st #2 Apollo Racing
2nd #1 Wing Racers
3rd #19 Royce Too