2019 BPCC Round 3 (PC2)

Entry to Round 3
of the 3DDC sponsored
British Pedal Car Championship 2019
held at
Shenington, Oxfordshire
PC2 U16

PCD Duo : PCF Female

Please note: Late entry fee now applies and are at the sole discretion of the Race Organiser

NB: PC0 Solo entries are not taken for the 24 hour race.

post_title: 2016 BPCC Round 3
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post_content: <p>Entry to <a title="Shenington" href="http://pedalcarracing.info/shenington/" target="_blank">Round 3</a> of the 3DDC sponsored<br /> British Pedal Car Championship 2016<br /> held at Shenington, Oxfordshire</p><p>PC1 Open : PC2 U16<br />PC3 U14 : PC4 U12<br />PCD Duo : PCF Female</p>
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