BFPCR 2016 Registrations

The following teams have registered with the BFPCR to race in 2016:

 Simonstrong – Media Velo          BFPCR16-001

Royce          BFPCR16-002

Apollo Racing          BFPCR16-003

Team Patriot          BFPCR16-004

Falcon Notnray Racing          BFPCR16-005

Swebbelli Racing          BFPCR16-006

Wing Racers          BFPCR16-007 

Matrix Racing          BFPCR16-008

Norton Greyhounds          BFPCR16-009

Knightriders          BFPCR16-010 

Colonel Mustard          BFPCR16-011

Flying Penguins          BFPCR16-012

Team 105          BFPCR16-013

Delphi          BFPCR16-014

GWAWR          BFPCR16-015


The following teams were racing under a One Off Registration:

1st Kenilworth

7th Eagles




               [ Last updated Oct 2016 ]