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Curborough Results

Curborough Results have been uploaded to the database and can be viewed at http://pedalcarracing.info/race-results/?Round=R6 Please ignore the Race Name as its an error in the code that needs fixing as it assumes R4 is still at solihull, or see the screenshot below. Results are still provisional subject to 14 day rule for challenges…………

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Curborough Report by Alice Hamilton age 7

Here we have a great race report from Alice Hamilton age 7. Many thanks Alice its far better than what i manage to write.   Curborough second race report                                   At the moment every body is getting ready to start …

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Blackbushe interim report and Curborough entries

Well that was an interesting weekend. Technical issues yesterday with lapcounting stopping every time the generator glitches. Then wet weather all though the 100mile causing a few spins and slides when drivers explored the limits of their tyres grip. All in though some very close competive racing and Sundays race was won by only a …

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Information for Blackbush Spectators

This is relatively new to us, having spectators at a race hence we haven’t really added any information. There is no charge for spectating The best place to start is the race information page http://pedalcarracing.info/blackbushe-weekend/ This has on it the race timetables and links to each days full information and directions to the site. After you …

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Website issues this morning

Apologies for the website issues this morning. Service is now restored as at 13:00 Any issues please drop me a email although i will be away at the Blackbushe race this weekend.  

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