This is a list of Pedalcars that are available to hire or rent.

For Sales/Wants including parts see our sales and wants forum

Each listing is maintained by the Team Owner/Manager, please contact them (using the contact details) for more info.
The price shown in the listing is the base price and to that should be added any costs for consumables (eg tyres) and repairs/damage. Full details should be in the listing or contact Car/Team for more information.

Team/Car Owners – please mark advert as “Available to Hire”or “Reserved/Booked” as applicable. Only delete your advert if/when your car is no longer available to hire.

BFPCR are not responsible for any listings here and cannot be held accountable for quality or performance of any car listed herein

Pedalcars Currently Available to Hire

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Pedalcars Reserved/Booked but may be available at other times

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