Pedal Car Racing in the UK – BPCC 2018


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Sponsor of the 2017 British Pedal Car Championship

Well the 2017 Season has now concluded and what a Season that was. Full 2017 Championship results are Here


BPCC 2018 23rd Season Racing Calendar

Sunday 25 March 2018 – R1 Wombwell – Sprints

Saturday 28 April 2018 – R2 Bruntingthorpe – 6hr Endurance

Sat 30 June – Sun 1 July 2018 – R3 Shenington – 24hr Endurance

Saturday 1 September 2018 – R4 Blackbushe – Sprints

Sunday 2 September 2018 – R5 Blackbushe – 100 Mile Endurance

Saturday 6 October 2018 – R6 Curborough – 7hr Endurance (Changed date)

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2017 AGM Minutes and Accounts

As per title 2017-Agenda AGM Minutes 2017 2017 AGM Provisional Accounts

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2017 Championship Presentations

Unfortunately the suggestion of presenting trophies at the AGM proved a bit of a flop with only a few team represented. Anyway here are the 2017 Championship Presentations where teams or representatives were present. ·Click the link to view on our Facebook Group ( Taken at The National Museum of Computing )   Unfortunately the suggestion of presenting …

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Team Championship 2017

Following the season end i have totted up all the points for each “team” restricting it to two cars per team like other motorsport, and i can announce that the presentation of the constructors trophy for 2017 will go to Apollo Racing Posn Team Team Points 1 Apollo Racing 280 2 Royce 122 3 Odd …

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AGM 2017 Agenda

As per the title, AGM 2017 Agenda and proposals for rule changes.

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Championship Results 2017

The BPCC Championship results for 2017 have been calculated now that Curborough points have been added to the database and i am pleased to announce……………………………………. drumroll …………………… PC1 Pos Car Team Points Races Class 1 2 Apollo Racing 165 6 PC1 2 4 Apollo Racing 115 6 PC1 3 6 Odd Balls 89 6 PC1 …

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Curborough Results

Curborough Results have been uploaded to the database and can be viewed at Please ignore the Race Name as its an error in the code that needs fixing as it assumes R4 is still at solihull, or see the screenshot below. Results are still provisional subject to 14 day rule for challenges…………

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Curborough Report by Alice Hamilton age 7

Here we have a great race report from Alice Hamilton age 7. Many thanks Alice its far better than what i manage to write.   Curborough second race report                                   At the moment every body is getting ready to start …

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Curborough Race Info

The race information for Saturday’s Curborough 7 hour pedal car race can be downloaded by clicking the Race Info pack Icon or click here . Just to draw your attention to 2 areas: Firstly, can teams assigned to put away things at the end of the race please do so? Secondly, we do need to …

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